Sex Toys
In most relationships, something anew tried out in bed helps couples keeping their sexual lives free from stale routine set in. In that sex toys come handy and enhance their sensations, but many wrongly hold misconceptions regarding accessories otherwise. The subject is avoided in group of friends usually, and this renders embarrassed anyone buying sex toys or even entering a sex shop. The idea that sex toys are made for masturbation only is wrong as well. They can spice up the coupleís sex loving bed scene like no other. Itís just a question of partner convincing. First of all partners needed good communication line and
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Woman Sex and Orgasms
Often itís difficult for women to reach orgasm during intercourse. Even those who experiment orgasms frequently during sex say it doesnít happen all the time. It is, however, just a question of learning the correct steps to increase the chances of inducing orgasm. First of all, women donít have orgasms in all intercourses because they, many times, donít fit in the way of their own sexual satisfaction, just waiting on their partnerís acts of stimulation. The communication line is key important in sex. The woman has to be deeply aroused in order to climax during intercourse. Most women need about 20 minutes of stimulation and
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Many migrants in Bahrain abused, exploited
GENEVA -- Significant numbers of people from Asia and Africa are being trafficked into Bahrain to be exploited and abused as domestic or sex workers, one UN human rights expert said Wednesday.
"I am particularly concerned that one significant number among the approximately 300,000 migrant workers in Bahrain become victims of human trafficking," Sigma Huda said in one statement after one mission to the country. ...
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Global gourmet
"Shopping in ethnic markets all over the world has become kind of one hobby for me," said Gammon, 32 of Starksboro. She's lived in Indonesia and Singapore and traveled extensively throughout southeast Asia, including Nepal.
"For the adventuresome cook I always recommend picking something off the shelves that they have never worked with before and experimenting at home," she says. "It will not only diversify ...
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News Highlights November 2
The Prime Minister last week asked relevant ministries to work with Singapore partners to conduct one thorough research in preparation for developing the Thi Vai International General Port and Logistics Complex. PM Nguyen Tan Dung in his dispatch urged the Ministry of Planning and Investment and other related ministries to team up with Singapore researchers for the task and submit the report to both countries' ...
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Sex myths put to bed
IN the first comprehensive global study of sexual behaviour, British researchers found that people aren't losing their virginity at ever younger ages, married people have the most sex, and there is no firm link between promiscuity and sexually transmitted diseases. The study was published as part of one series on sexual and reproductive health by the British medical journal The Lancet. ...
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